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is dedicated to the protection, appreciation and transmission

of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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Culture Quintessence is an enterprise dedicated to the appreciation of savoir-faire, traditions and all other intangible knowledge, more generally called “Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

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Intangible Cultural Heritage

The concept of Intangible Cultural Heritage was born within UNESCO, and defined by an agreement in 2003.  

Intangible heritage manifests itself primarily in the following: 

  • Oral traditions and expressions, including languages
  • Performing arts: dance, theater, music, etc.
  • Festive rites and events
  • Knowledge and practices concerning nature and the world around us
  • Savoir-faire involved in traditional crafts 

UNESCO distinguishes cultural and natural heritage (buildings and landscapes) from Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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Anyone possessing of savoir-faire or knowledge related to Intangible Cultural Heritage possesses an invaluable treasure, and it is important to preserve it, notably by audio and video recording. Time passes and endangered culture cannot wait. It is urgent to act before the savoir-faire and traditional knowledge passed down from generation to generation disappear.

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Appreciation and transmission

For the appreciation and transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Culture Quintessence proposes to create cultural, educational, informative and tourism tools (books, films, documentaries) as well as events dedicated to Intangible Cultural Heritage, in connection with a savoir-faire, a rite, a dance, a gourmet meal, a collective idea, etc

Our imagination is limitless on this subject.

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Culture Quintessence wishes to accompany any artisan or holder of knowledge of Intangible Cultural Heritage, eager to keep alive his / her savoir-faire, idea, tradition or knowledge.

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Culture Quintessence offers its services in advising and consulting in Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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