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Culture Quintessence is an enterprise dedicated to the appreciation of savoir-faire, traditions and all other intangible knowledge, more generally called “Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

We have equally made it our mission to accompany any initiative linked to the protection and development of culture transmitted from one generation to the next.  

Our objective is to work towards cultural diversity, by putting our skills at the disposition of any person that wishes to live by their savoir-faire, and/or their intangible cultural expertise.

Culture Quintessence works for individuals, non-profit organisations, artisans, businesses, governmental agencies and other institutions.

Our philosophy

A project against cultural uniformity

Society has always evolved, cultures change. Some will argue that this change cannot be avoided.

These arguments are often linked to the fact that it is not worthwhile maintaining a living tradition that is no longer practiced. That we need to know how to evolve…

Our question: what does evolution mean?

Every day, crafts and savoir-faire disappear in favor of mass consumption.

Is the attitude to be adopted therefore not to act? Is it necessary to see a cultural standardization taking place under the pretext of inevitability?

Is it not possible that evolution means bringing modernity to tradition and tradition towards modernity, to live a present with respect for everyone?

Culture Quintessence’s answer is simple:

Let’s not be in the all or nothing. Let us be in a moderate cultural logic. That is to say, we do not fight at all costs to preserve all traditions, but to help those who wish to preserve and live their culture, to do so in a just and dignified way.

Culture Quintessence protects, valorizes and helps to transmit any culture that wishes to remain alive.

Its objective is outside any political consideration. It is for the benefit of mankind.

Culture Quintessence was born from the desire to redefine the word “evolution” so that it is synonymous with the harmony between modernity and tradition, with the aim of preventing the present from permanently sweeping away the past.

Bringing past traditions together with today’s modern culture also means establishing the perpetuity of savoir-faire and other intangible notions in the future.

The mission of Culture Quintessence is to participate in the protection, appreciation, and development of intangible cultural heritage, in order to preserve its existence.

The founder

Always interested in cultural distinctions, traditions and savoir-faire, Noëlie Nottet has become progressively more passionate about the idea of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Over the course of her readings, meetings with ethnologists and her participation in numerous conferences on the subject, her passion has only grown.

This passion accompanied her for many years, in parallel to her work in the industry where she held various roles in export, communications-marketing, project management and HR. This varied professional experience has allowed her to form a global vision for the company and cultivate her taste for entrepreneurship.

In her free time, she learns various artisanal techniques and savoir-faire (pottery, basketry, natural dyeing, etc).

In 2013, she decided to leave her job to fulfill her dream of traveling around the world, alone, for a year.

This trip was a true cultural adventure, that allowed her to discover the different crafts that are part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the countries she visited; traditional pottery in Turkey, painted ceramics in Uzbekistan, baskets woven from banana leaves in The Pacific islands, etc.

An adventure that demonstrated to her a tendency towards cultural standardization. An adventure that pushed her to return to France with the aim of living by her passion, and to promote the Intangible Cultural Heritage of her country, with the idea of ​​expanding her concept at an international level.

Equally passionate about the world of wine and gastronomy, Noëlie Nottet decided to start her project in her native region of Burgundy, for which she carries a special affection.

Today, involved in several entrepreneurial projects thanks to Culture Quintessence and Culture Millésimes, an e-tourism project promoting the value of Intangible Cultural Heritage, she creates synergies between the worlds of tourism, culture, ethnology, crafts and the economy.

Daughter of artisan whose profession has now disappeared as a result of modern technology, Noëlie Nottet carries out her work with passion and conviction. She relishes leaving her comfort zone to realise her dreams and to defend her values.

Entrepreneur at heart, now she is putting her open-mindedness, initiative and diverse range of skills to use towards her ambitious projects.