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 Cultural, Educational, Informative

and Tourism Tools

The interest in collecting immaterial wealth lies mainly in the fact that it can be substantiated, and hence given value, through various mediums, such as books, films, documentaries, video montages for museums and corporations, etc. 

Transforming intangible wealth into cultural, educational, informative and tourism tools makes it possible to give substance to a savoir-faire, a rite, a gastronomic practice, etc. 

The advantage is twofold: it benefits the holders of knowledge in Intangible Cultural Heritage who see their knowledge valued, transmitted and recognized. It also benefits associations, companies and institutions that want to enhance their identity, their image and their territory for various strategic purposes: to enhance the notion of Made in France, to attract tourists, to teach children the origins of a regional language, etc.


Culture Quintessence handles the accompaniment of the collection of oral memories, organising communication (internal, press relations, events, etc.), with the aim of uniting and involving all the people mobilized by the project directly or indirectly, including public authorities and the media. This approach can also be used for the purposes of social cohesion, inter-cultural dialogue, or the improvement of an identity or image.

Culture Quintessence proposes to create events dedicated to Intangible Cultural Heritage, in connection with a savoir-faire, a rite, a dance, a gourmet meal, a collective idea, etc

Our creativity allows us to create cohesions between different intangible concepts by area of ​​knowledge or geographical area, or by mixing the two, for the creation of local, national or international events.

Culture Quintessence offers events such as:

  • A gourmet meal with architects from all over the world to present the ornemanists (notably designers of ornaments on the roofs of Paris, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • A village festival around the restoration of a collection of oral memory, organized in this same village
  • An event dedicated to a collective idea

Our imagination is limitless on this subject.