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Culture Quintessence wishes to accompany any artisan or holder of knowledge of Intangible Cultural Heritage, eager to keep alive his / her savoir-faire, idea, tradition or knowledge.

We highlight the intangible richness that surrounds us: dance, song, music, culinary arts, craftsmanship, etc.  Our objective is to promote the intangible, allowing artisans and guardians of knowledge to transform their culture and passion into their livelihood. 

Cooperage, basketwork, sculpture, ceramics, etc., savoir-faire is diverse and varied. It is, above all, unique and fragile in an increasingly uniform world.

The daughter of an artisan, the founder of Culture Quintessence has developed the business as a response to the recurring issues faced by artists, artisans and craftspeople.

In order to support them, Culture Quintessence provides:

  • Communication (graphics, photos, social media and networks, websites, etc.)
  • Administration (estimates and invoices, import-export documents, human resources, etc.)
  • International development (presence at foreign expos, organizations of international events, etc.)

The priority of artists and artisans being to create and/or transmit, Culture Quintessence wants to use these abilities for their benefit, in order that communication, administration and international development are not a hindrance in the protection, appreciation and development of craftspeople or knowledge holders of Intangible Cultural Heritage.