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Culture Quintessence was born of the passion of its founder, Noëlie Nottet, for the appreciation of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Because each project moves step by step, she decided to launch Culture Quintessence, in her native heartland.

A great adventure that does not prevent her from remembering her ambition. Indeed, she wants to extend it to all cultures and to all geographical areas.

Noëlie Nottet’s ambition is to be engaged with the entire Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity.

An ambitious project that she has been cultivating internally for years.

All the while knowing that every company with a cultural and philanthropic vocation requires the support of all of us.

So to help Culture Quintessence live and grow, we need you!

If life is meant to be shared, so too can we share in the creation of an enterprise dedicated to the service of humanist values.

Why help us?

Helping Culture Quintessence means allowing us to:

  • Develop ourselves to form a strong team
  • Allow us to acquire offices that meet our ambitions
  • Make Intangible Cultural Heritage a priority for the planet
  • Give artisans, artists and other holders of intangible knowledge the opportunity to live their passion
  • Capture the immaterial wealth of the world via the collection of oral memory, valorize it and make it live
  • Duplicate our concept all over the world
  • Serve humanist values

How to help us?

In order to succeed in developing Culture Quintessence, we ask first of all for public and private financial aid, skills and also ambassadors and prescribers to bring the project to the highest national and international institutions.

Support that will allow our sponsors to improve their brand image and increase their visibility. To do this, your name, your brand or your logo will be “well viewed”, both physically on our website and brochures, and in the eyes of the public.

You can also place an order. An order for a subject you are passionate about: the collection of oral memories of wine makers, chefs, artisans…


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