Our mission

At Culture Quintessence, our mission is to contribute to the preservation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage, better known as living heritage, which is currently in danger of disappearing.


Archiving, video documentation and digitization


Creating innovative multimedia content and events


Planning, launching and implementing ambitious heritage projects

Reinvent your living heritage

Do you want to protect the heritage you have passed on from generation to generation?
Do you want to highlight the soul of your business and showcase your employees’ pride in their work?
Do you want to leverage intangible cultural heritage to promote your town or region?

Whether for a business, charity or institution;
for human resources, training, communications, or more ambitious project goals…
Culture Quintessence gives you the tools and competences to preserve and promote your living heritage.

Culture Quintessence. The first French enterprise dedicated to the preservation and promotion of living heritage.

We have taken our passion for living heritage and made it our purpose.

We offer a broad range of services tailored to the protection and promotion of intangible cultural heritage, showcasing the precious knowledge and skills passed on through the generations.

our story, our passion

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