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Cooperage Federation of France

Collecting the living heritage of artisanal barrel-makers: video interviews and digital archiving

We interviewed coopers, stave-cutters, winegrowers, and members of the National Forestry Office on behalf of the Cooperage Federation of France. Our goal: to safeguard the living heritage of barrel-makers by collecting the memories of artisanal coopers who had direct knowledge of the traditional barrel-making industry and speaking with experts about their close links to the world of cooperage.
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Jean-Pierre Lebureau, Ornamentalist

A recipient of the prestigious award of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Jean-Pierre Lebureau practices a profession that is currently in danger of disappearing: ornamentalist.

An ornamentalist creates or replicates metal roof ornaments from non-ferrous metals such as zinc, cooper, or lead. Jean-Pierre Lebureau is one of the last ornamentalists in France, sharing his passion and expertise for his craft.
We interviewed Jean-Pierre Lebureau in his workshop after getting to know him at the international cultural heritage fair held at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, where he received an award for his dedication to passing on his skills. His work is a rare and valuable contribution to the field of traditional architecture in France.
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University of Burgundy

Training and events on the topic of intangible cultural heritage

We regularly hold training, and workshops at the University of Burgundy to familiarise Master’s degree students with the concept of intangible cultural heritage. Our events tackle themes such as cultural mediation, competitive intelligence, cultural intelligence and promoting heritage for tourism, as well as lectures on intangible cultural heritage.
Our events are also available for businesses and institutions as well as their customers, partners, and employees.
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