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HR & Internal Communications

HR and Internal Communications Strategy
Promote the unique memories and expertise of your employees and artisans; build pride and appreciation in your living heritage

Human Resources Solutions
On-boarding strategy, employee handbooks, presentation videos, internal websites and more

Team Building
Company pride and employee engagement
Synergy and purpose-building
Themed workshops

Incentive programs
Motivating and engaging your teams
Trips, workshops, events, conferences, activities…

Workshops & Seminars

Intangible Cultural Heritage
The concept of intangible cultural heritage
Cultural preservation and promotion
The philosophy and goals of Culture Quintessence

Living Heritage
Defining your living heritage
Promoting your living heritage
Reinventing your heritage

Making a living from your passion
Dreaming the future of your business
Turning passion into profit
Embodying your business values

Culture Quintessence offers other training and events in partnership with Made in Quintessence.
See Made in Quintessence training offers Made in Quintessence

External Communications

External Communications Strategy
Working on your image: expertise, soft skills, family heritage from generation to generation…

Content Creation
Professional websites and social media
Photos, videos, blog content
Newsletter creation and design

Promotional Communications
Interactive terminals and touchscreens
Corporate films and documentaries
Publishing: books, videos, brochures

Press Relations
Press releases
News coverage
Article writing


Corporate Events
Festivals, symposia, anniversaries, fairs, photo and video exhibitions
Local and international events

Company Tours
Planning and organizing open door days
Company and department tours for employees

Taster Workshops
Discovering and mastering skills and expertise

Dedicated Events
Bespoke themes and formats


Video Interviews for Conservation
Defining and writing an ethnographic interview guide
Planning and conducting interviews

Digital Databases
Creating custom digital databases
Producing sound, video and document archives
Documentary photography

Interview Transcription
Time-stamped and labelled interviews
Custom formats

Video Subtitling
English and foreign language translation

Assistance & Support

Needs assessments
Assessing state of play and operational needs

Terms of reference
Defining key deliverables and tools to implement in order to achieve set goals

Project management
Planning, logistics, coordination, quality and costs

Seeking Funding
Identifying financial opportunities and responding to funding calls

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